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I've written many songs. Quite a few have been recorded and released.

Here are our six currently available CDs. You can also hear us on Spotify and other popular streaming platforms.

Walk Humbly With Thy God

Baruch El Elyon

Many Are The Ways

How Do You Acknowledge Him


Here Stands Thy Servant

Do I Believe

The Tablets That Moses Bore

It's A Still Small Voice

All Hail The King Of Glory

Walk Humbly With Thy God


If It Be Thy Will

God Wants You To Succeed

I Shall Learn

Our Kind

Since You Came In

The Court On High

Bless Us, O Lord

Wish I Was More Like Joseph

If It Be Thy Will

O Lord, Don't Turn Away

Maybe Now I Can Begin

Blessings In Disguise


Welcome, Shabbat

Sweet Repose

They Journeyed

Torat Adonai Temimah

Promised Land

The Synagogue In My Town

Hinei El Yeshuati

Even When

Mount Sinai

I Choose Torah

The Shabbas Waltz

Only To Go A Little Higher

I Choose Torah


Eternally Hopeful

We Are One

But For The Master's Grace

Take Care Of The Holy Temple

The Power On High

In The Spirit Of Love

Adon Olom

What Became Of That Staff

Send A Little Help My Way

Don't Break The Covenant

Eternally Hopeful


Incredible Journey

The Race

All Around

Shalom Aleichem

People Hurt

Incredible Journey

Fix What You Have Broken

Ba-yom Ha-hoo

Live With Integrity

My Heart Is Overflowing

Picture Yourself

Ein Keloheinu

The Center


B'nai Tikvah - Ten Years Together

Flowing Melody

What Kind of Place

Shabbat Shalom

L'cha Dodi

Thank You For The Gift

The Love We Show

Ahavat Olom

Lord Open Up My Eyes

Keep Your Spirit Lifted

Each Day's Filled With Wonders

The Troubles of This World

Let Your Love Come In

Another's Light

Let There Be Peace

Radiant Health

Y'hiyu L'Ratzon

One Day

Lord Have Mercy

We Are Getting Stronger Everyday

Adon Olom

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